Heating & Cooling SPECIALIST

O'Connor Group with O’Connor Company, G & R Controls and Balancing Professionals has offices in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Fargo and Bismarck. Our divisions work together with mechanical contractors, engineers and building owners of the commercial and institutional markets to make the complexity of indoor comfort systems as seamless as possible. Each company has its strengths. Whether working with HVAC equipment, building automation, temperature controls or testing and balancing systems, we are committed to "Creating Customers For Life" by providing you with the best value from your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

O'Connor Company

Founded in 1970, we continue to operate under two basic principles, comfort and service. We specialize in commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and offer fully stocked warehouses with knowledgeable staff to help you.

G & R Controls

We have been providing automatic temperature controls, energy management solutions, security systems, hydronic heating and cooling equipment, replacement parts and pumps and on-call emergency service support since 1977.

Balancing Professionals

To expand services building owners and engineers seek, Balancing Professionals was established in 1993. As an independently owned and operated third-party service, we provide reliable NEBB-Certified testing and balancing for any HVAC system.
“Perham Memorial Hospital & Home has had several new construction and remodel projects in the last seven years.  Our control systems prior to this were out dated, different incompatible manufacturers, and very non-efficient sequences of operation. From G & R Control’s very first installation it was clear to us that this was the system we had been looking for.  An automated system that takes all aspects of HVAC and makes it work as one, all components can communicate.     It is very easy to contour the system to fit your individual needs, with basic computer skills, operators and maintenance persons can monitor and adjust the system with ease.    If I have questions, need technical support or service support, G & R Controls has done a very good job and they have some of the most polite and friendly technicians and installers I have worked with.  I would recommend them without hesitation, and have.“       

Dan Bickell
Engineering & Maintenance Department
Perham Memorial Hospital